Acoustic system Musatoff AS-5

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We are all used to that, in order to get a good scene when listening to the stereo, you need to sit flat on the axis between the speakers. And very few people know that the reason for this lies not in the architecture of stereo playback, but in the shortcomings of classical front speakers. Many noticed that on different acoustic systems the zone of a stereo effect can be different in width. This is due to the fact that the frequency response of the speakers varies in different directions. The less the ACH of the speaker deteriorates at different angles, the wider the stereo effect zone.
Presented speakers have strictly the same frequency response in any direction in the horizontal plane. Now you are not tied to one point in the room, but you can be in a very wide range of places and you will have a sound scene for you. All told above - not news for professionals. Omni-directional acoustical systems create many companies, but they have not been widely used for one simple reason - it is very difficult to provide a smooth frequency response in the distribution of sound waves with the help of diffusers. We managed to get a good, even for the front speakers, frequency response. This is achieved with the help of applied know-how on the design of the diffusers and by modeling the shape of the scatterers by means of a computer in order to obtain the maximally phased wave on the cylindrical boundary around the speaker. The presented speaker system is two-way. But, due to the opposite direction of the radiation to one diffuser, the effective distance between the emitters is minimal, for hearing, this speaker sounds like one broadband. When listening, the speakers dissolve in space, leaving you only with the performer.
The case of the AU is made of one of the best, in terms of acoustics, material - polyethylene. It is pasted with vinyl film, which can be selected from the catalog. And even you can make a film with your original pattern. I, for example, photographed the structure of the tree on furniture and made it so that the speakers would fit into specific furniture. The photo shows the AS covered with a film under the carbon. The scatterers are made of either solid wood or MDF. Both speakers, used in the AU, have a diffuser made of paper with impregnation. Design of a low-frequency section with a slit ring bass reflex. The filter uses only polypropylene capacitors and frameless inductors with impregnation. The filter is located in a separate, acoustically isolated volume.
Acoustic terminals allow you to connect both blades and bananas, and stripped wire, while their insulated housing prevents short circuits. Unlike front speakers, omni-directional ones are very responsive to the use of digital correction during playback, which makes it possible to carry out very good matching of the frequency response of the speaker and the room in the computer path.

Nominal Impedance  8 Ohm
The range of reproduced frequencies is -3 dB  50 Hz - 16 kHz
The range of reproduced frequencies is -10 dB (DIN) 40 Hz - 24 kHz
Avreage sensetivity (DIN) 83 db/W/m
Frequency of dividing 4,5 kHz
Filters oreder High - firth
Low - second
Size 280х280х1000 mm
Weight around 15 kg