Contact information and how to buy 
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  Connection information  
Phone +7 (916) 675-8835
Address of hearing room Moscow, Aviamotornaya st. 8, MTUSI, Department of ROS. metro Aviamotornaya
  How to by  
You can come to us in the listening room, get to know our products and to solve the problem on the spot.
You can contact me by e-mail to agree on the transport company, which I will send you a technique. Transfer the funds to the card or account and then I will send you a technique with payment on delivery.
You can purchase our hardware at our partners: :
Shop-salon "Zenit Hi-Fi" Moscow, Sokolnicheskaja sq., 9a. +7 (499) 268-0396, +7 (499) 585-6885
Home theatre Moscow, Kozhevnicheskaya st., 7, ground floor, left part +7 (499) 579-3049
  How to check the equipment in your system  
You can take equipment on bail at full cost for up to a week
If you are from out of town, you can, as well as the purchase, pay for and get a device to return it by the same transportation company, and then I'll give you the money to the card. Transport and banking services at your expense
You may return the purchased equipment within two weeks "without explanation"
In the event of equipment damage purchased or collateral, the question of discount must decide in each case
  Actual price  
Integral amplifier Musatoff PA-20 110 000 rub.
Acoustic system Musatoff AS-3 MKIII 180 000 rub.
Bookshelf acoustic system Musatoff AS-9  135 000 rub.
Large shelf acoustic system Musatoff AS-10 250 000 rub.
Bookshelf acoustic system Musatoff AS-11 70 000 rub.
Omnipolar acoustic systems Musatoff AS-5 99 000 rub.
Multichannel preamplifier Musatoff PR-2 79 000 rub.
Headphones amplifier Musatoff HA-4 36 000 rub.
Headphones amplfier Musatoff HA-5  15 000 rub.
УHeadphones amplifier Musatoff HA-5 SE  20 000 rub.
Acoustic systems Musatoff AS-4 closed
For all products covered by manufacturer warranty for a period of one year. The guarantee does not apply to cases when the fault occurred as a result of misuse or by ingestion of foreign objects into the device or liquids. Overall, this is a standard warranty, which is given manufacturers of electronic equipment..