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Acoustic system Musatoff AS-4   
  Transistor monoblock power amplifier Musatoff PA-15M
I made monoblocks under the scheme of РА-14 and made case. But I modified schematic and monoblocks get new model number. Specification parameters of monoblocks are as on model РА-20. Monoblocks participated in tests conducted by site soundex.ru. With minor modifications, this amplifier circuit has been used in the design of the amplifier PA-20.
Transistor integral amplifier Musatoff PA-14
This amplifier has appeared as development designed to order, HiEnd amplifier for car use Canon Felix . The amplifier has four inputs, the first of them balanced XLR, other RCA. The amplifier has an output power per channel about 120 watts into 4 ohms and 70 watts into 8 ohms. The amplifier has a high damping factor and low distortion of all types. The amplifier can be operated by remote control: adjust the volume of it and break into the StandBy. As a further development of the project have been made monoblocks Musatoff PA-15M.
  Hybrid headphones amplifier Musatoff HA-2
When designing the amplifier I have used an interesting solution when transistor follower included inside the NFB loop on the second grid for the triode connection. The amplifier has a remote power supply unit. The maximum current that can be given to the load - 500 mA, which makes it possible to work even in the high-resistance sensitive acoustics. As a further development of the ideas contained in this amplifier, I am preparing a new hybrid monoblocks.
  Multi-channel preamplifier Musatoff PR-2
The eight-channel preamp has ample opportunity to switch channels are grouped in four stereo unit. The amplifier oriented to professional use in a home studio. The amplifier is equipped with a full-featured remote control. In the amplifier is integrated headphone amplifier whose circuit develops solutions used in the amplifier Musatoff HA-1. Solutions used in this amplifier were further developed when designing integrated amplifier PA-20. At the moment, there is a courtesy copy of the amplifier cost $ 1200
  Transistor Headphone Amplifier Musatoff HA-1
When constructing of this amp I used an unusual field-effect transistors operating at near-zero bias. It makes possible to construct of amplifier without capacitors at the input and output.
  RIAA preamplifier Musatoff RC-5i
The amplifier is built on the balanced circuitry with only one voltage gain stage on j-FET and inductive active correction. Это позволило достичь очень высоких технических и слуховых характеристик. A more detailed description is here. In the development of its circuit design addresses the issue of production of the new corrector.
  Transistor integral amplifier Musatoff PA-6
The amplifier uses the balance schematic, which prevents the signal passage through a power supply and operates only in Class A. Although the amplifier is build on transistors, it does not uses negative feed back in signal path. More detailed description is here. Prototype was discussed in article in magazine Radio.