Acoustic system Musatoff AS-4 
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Person's hearing is very sensitive to distortions in the voice frequency range - is the result of evolutionary natural selection. For this reason, many people like the sound of full-range speakers when there are no transitions between bands of radiation. But, unfortunately, one full-range speaker can not play well at the same time the low and high frequency. To solve this problem, we use the three-band architecture and extend mid range that would completely cover the voice frequency range. In this case, the hearing did not observes joining of the various speakers and fusion of the sound is as with a full-range speaker.
As a mid-range speaker we chose full-range speaker of Japanese company Fostex with a diffuser made of banana plants, and we modified it for the new requirements.
For the low range we use one of the best bass speaker of JBL company, specially designed for use in the studio acoustics.
Since the mid-range speaker has a very light cone, it goes well with the film twitter of the same company Fostex.
High level of frequency distortion of the speaker has front panel shape. Sharp angles generate vibrations and frequency response of the system significantly spoil the sound. In order to get rid of these effects, all sharp corners are cut, it significantly improves the sound system and extends the stereo effect through a more level field scattering speakers.
It is known that radiation from body vibration adds color to the sound of the speakers. To avoid them, the case is made double. First, the inner shell is made of plywood 18 mm thick, then it is covered with sound-absorbing material, and then gathered around the outer casing made ​​of MDF 18 mm thick. Such a body almost does not pass the internal sound pressure outside.
Just spoils the sound quality of standing waves inside the enclosure formed by parallel walls. In the speakers there are no parallel walls. Form cut in the middle of the body - pentagonal, and the top and bottom - heptagonal. Just housing expands conically downwards.
  Technical specifications
Frequency response when case in mode "closed box"  
by level -3 dB  35 Hz - 20 kHz
by level -10 dB (ГОСТ, DIN)  25 Hz - 30 kHz
Ripple in the frequency range measured by the Standard ±2,5 dB
Impedance 8 Ohm
Average sensetivity 92 dB/W/m
Cut off frequency LF/MF 150 Hz
Cut odd frequency MF/HF 5,5 kHz
Nominal power 100 W
Recomended power of amplifier 25 - 150 W
Weight each 55 kg
Dimesions WхDхH 540х500х1100